Millennials with tech devices in front of them on a blue bench

Myopia and Millennials: The Trend No One Saw Coming

According to a Nielson Company audience report, it is estimated that the average American spends over 10 hours behind a screen consuming digital media and content. But is this much screen time actually helping us or hurting us?

As it happens, a number of studies have recently come out against the rapid increase in screen time for everyone from toddlers to senior citizens. In fact, some of these studies have shown a correlation between increased screen time and the following:

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Why Millennials Need to Start Thinking About Insurance

Millennials differ from previous generations in a number of ways. One of the biggest reasons is that they were born into a generation with such massive technological advancements — their computer, internet, and research skills are innate. With so much positive cognitive power behind them, it’s surprising that this generation is also lacking in insurance coverage.

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